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E-Waste recycling
You sure don’t want to think of the number of phones, appliances and other electronic wastes that make it to the landfills daily even though they have no need or use being there, I mean, they could serve a larger purpose just been recycled for better use.
E-wastes can be anything from hearing aids to big machines that run on either batteries or electricity at the point when they are no longer useful.
Recycling e-wastes will do our world a lot of good and below are some of these benefits:
Protects the environment: You don’t want to think of the damage that e-waste does to our environment. Improper disposal of electronic waste affects the soil, air, and water components of our environment.

Think e-waste disposal and think air pollution. With indiscriminate disposal of waste being a thing in our clime, it’s not uncommon to see landfill scavengers walk through a number of landfills looking for improperly disposed electronics which includes blenders, wires,  etc. They burn the wire from these wastes to get copper which is a very valuable commodity. Hydrocarbons are released in the air through this fire and they pose serious hazards to the lungs and other organs as we inhale them over time.
Electronics contain heavy metals, so that when these gadgets are indiscriminately disposed these metals leach into ground water channels through the soil. Some of these metals found in cell phones and other gadgets or machines include mercury, barium and lead among other. They flow through the channels into our streams, ponds, wells and even bore holes which form a major source of the water we use in cooking, drinking, washing, etc. Consuming this contaminated water by humans and other animals could result in lead poisoning. That’s not to mention that it also affects plants and results in low crop yield/harvest.
Improper disposal of e-waste is hazardous to the global environment which informs the need to spread awareness on this global trend and its threatening aftermath. The growing stream of e-waste will skyrocket to an uncontrollably deadly trend without proper education on the correct measures of disposal and the urgent need to recycle, refurbish, reuse or even re-sell some these machines.

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