about us

ITDI is a family that understands the need for technological advancements and protecting our environment.

Nature is always providing us multiple benefits, from the resources to survive it provides us with the help we need for development. In return, it asks for nothing.

ITDI is working to give the environment a little care by reducing Electronic waste and erasing carbon footprints.

We believe in working together for sustainable development. With security and proper methods, we recycle the olds into something better for all.

our Team

Promote Your Environment
Caleb Worou
Caleb Worou (C.E.O)
john kwateng
John Kwateng (C.O.O)
Sonia O
Sonia O (Web Marketer)

Do you believe in the first steps, then be a part of ours.

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people say

Promote Your Environment

"Everybody is working towards recycling, but electronic recycling still is a new thing for many. Thus, reaching out to people with this feels like the most righteous thing to do."

"ITDI is doing great work. They are working to benefit others rather than thinking of profit. They are working for development."

"I am so glad to get an opportunity to work with ITDI. It doesn't only give me a source of income but satisfaction of doing something beneficial for the environment."

"ITDI electronic recycling is a fresh concept that will truly benefit our environment"