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When you hear about recycling of E-wastes, it sounds like a difficult task to do. Well, you are not far from the truth. In this article you will understand how you can recycle your wastes from an individual standpoint and not as a recycling agency.

What do I mean by this?

You know, recycling agencies go through all the methods of turning these E-wastes to other items but as individuals, the focus is on how these E-wastes can get to the recycling agencies.

Let’s go straight ahead to find out the different ways.

Don’t recycle it yet: Yes, I really do mean it. Don’t recycle them yet, if the devices are still working properly. It’s best to allow your devices to maximize their lifecycle to a great extent before going ahead to recycle them. Be on the lookout for NGOs, charity organizations or even individuals who will be able to make good use of these devices and donate them or sell them as the case may be.

Search for local recycling agencies: There are a lot of companies where you can sell electronics, both online and offline.They buy the items from you and in exchange, they'll send you cold hard cash, often in the form of a gift card or PayPal transfer. Some of the recycling options that buy outdated gadgets are, Decluttr, Best Buy Trade-In Program, Amazon Trade-In, Apple Trade In.

Do a give back: This involves the electronic companies where you purchased your devices from. Most of these companies allow for an exchange when you come to purchase a later version and sometimes they offer them at a discount rate. 

You can always make these enquiries from the electronics shop when purchasing or even after purchasing.

These recycling options can be carried not just by individuals but also companies and large organisations can take part in this. As it will enable us to build an eco-friendly environment and support a healthier planet.
One of the things to note when recycling especially your mobile phones and computers, it is advisable to clear off any account linked to your devices or any passwords or personal information in order to avoid cyber attack.
Yes! you can secure your environment as well as earn some cash from recycling your E-wastes.

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